Dear Mitch,

You committed suicide this morning. I think I’m writing right now to try to find some sort of comfort or normalcy because the rest of me just feels…confused. I’m hurt…I’m numb…I’m angry…I’m sad. When I think I can’t cry anymore, I do. I simply don’t understand how someone I’ve known my entire life, someone who […]

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Fall Down 7, Get Back Up 8

I don’t intend to preach or make sense of anything today. I don’t know how to and I don’t want to. I just want to vent and I’m praying this is the solution to me not screaming and having a mini-meltdown complete with tears, wails and rocking in a corner. Luckily for me, I’m too […]

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Assessing The Storm

I try my hardest, using a considerable amount of effort, trying to look at every situation in my life as positively as I can. Getting to this juncture hasn’t been easy nor perfect. I falter at times, but I have honestly gotten to a point to which when I feel my attitude shifting or negativity and […]

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Things Change

I’m sitting in my desk in my home office watching my iPhone 5 update its OS, and wondering if its going to slip into its own “pinwheel of death” in the process before I’m able to get a new phone. Watching this tiny “progress” indicator move like a snail on the remaining black screen is making […]

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Yesterday I turned 34. Like most birthdays, while trying not to be overly pensive and internally dramatic, I ended up instead being overly pensive and externally melodramatic, which (while not as bad as it could have been) resulted in me laying in the middle of the floor around 5 p.m., tears welling, looking like I was waiting […]

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