Can We Skip Today?

I woke up dreading all of the posts, and pictures, and screenshots, and stories, and engagements I will see from couples today, and for the first time in a long time I took a moment to wonder why people’s show of happiness seems to bother me so much. It’s Valentines Day, and besides the fact […]

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6:55 a.m. (Poem)

“Just five more minutes”, I begged to the alarm with my eyes closed. He laughed loudly. I am awake. Somehow still dreaming of you. Holding my consciousness and breath until you call Or don’t But I will type nervously when my cup is full and I can no longer wait Hoping it’s the right time […]

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No Judgement

I’ve spent some time trying to come to peace with “where things are” and “who people are” at this point in my life. Not who and where I want them to be or how it once was, but understanding the absolute point of thoughts, actions, feelings and the progress and failures of now. I’ve been […]

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Then. (Poem)

I’m awkward in that I don’t know how to be so cool it looks like I’m unexcited and unenthused to wanting to love you. Wanting to hear your voice or fix what’s causing you to close up and fight with your heart and your mind in the darkness of your room late at night while […]

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Random thoughts

My friend Ash has a blog where she’s written something everyday for over a year. It’s mostly her thoughts or maybe a poem, sometimes long and a few that were really short, unstructured, but she committed to doing that and executed it. I don’t think I’ve ever told her how much I admire that. Maybe […]

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Dear Mitch,

You committed suicide this morning. I think I’m writing right now to try to find some sort of comfort or normalcy because the rest of me just feels…confused. I’m hurt…I’m numb…I’m angry…I’m sad. When I think I can’t cry anymore, I do. I simply don’t understand how someone I’ve known my entire life, someone who […]

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